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Special Points of Interest

Patients who received healthcare and medicine at Clinica de Esperanza:

Year One = 2,482
Year Two = 4,373
Year Three = 5,513
Year Four = 4,842
Year Five = 4,158
Year Six = 4,604
Year Seven = 3,936
Year Eight = 4,074
Year Nine = 3,939
Year Ten = 4,191

Total Medical = 42,101


Dental Clinics provided on a regular basis by Cadena de Amor

Total Dental Procedures: 8,149

These numbers do not include people seen in village clinics on short term mission TORCH trips, which averages 4,000-5,000 people a year.

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The clinic became a dream of founder Gayle Davidson while serving on short term mission trips with Co-leader Tim Hines since 1999. Without negating the value of medical care provided in villages, we understood that access to long term care could change lives in a more powerful way.

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