Jesus spent a great deal of his ministry caring for the physical needs of people. His many examples of healing inspire us to continue in this ministry today and be the “hands of feet of Jesus” and providing physical relief to any person with medical needs. This opens the door to meet people’s spiritual needs.

Having no access to medical care is a difficult problem. It is especially frustrating to mothers who are trying to raise multiple children with no means of support. The medical care and prescribed medications and treatments are free to all patients who cannot pay for health care. This enables the poor to work and care for their families. 

The Pharmacy

Often the poor are given prescriptions at government facilities but are unable to afford their prescribed treatment. At Clinica de Esperanza the patients not only receive a diagnosis but the treatment as well. The medications are purchased or donated in the US. This free pharmacy at the Clinic of my Hope is able to operate with the ease of any retail pharmacy.

What is the most important thing the clinic is in need of?

Medicine, physical and spiritual. It was common for Jesus to meet the physical needs of people to open the door to spiritual needs. After we treat the patient’s physical needs they receive a Bible to introduce them to spiritual answers.  There is a  church built by teens and adults from the United States down the sidewalk from the clinic,  where we can literally open the door to the patients spiritual needs.  Medication and treatment is given for the physical needs of the people and Bibles for the Spiritual needs are our priority.  After that need is met, the next important thing would be making sure someone is able to be there to meet those needs. We have a wonderful Christian woman, Dr. Olga, who is there for the patients year around. We also run a feeding program which requires careful monitoring of the patients, and dental care. All of this requires financial support. 

We are functioning without all our staff. We need a bilingual pharmacist and a front desk greeter. Currently Dr. Olga is trying to see patients and run the pharmacy. The nurse is doing the front desk and and taking care of the patients. We also need funds to purchase medication and ship containers to Honduras. 

Clinica de Esperanza Facts

  • it was founded to meet people's physical needs to open door to their spiritual needs. 
  • The clinic doors have been open since August 15, 2007. 
  • To date (end of 2014) 31,292 pateints have been seen, treated, medicated and all new patients have received a Bible at the first visit and told about the church of Christ down the sidewalk. 
  • Number of dental procedures since 2007 is 8,149.
  • The longest known walk to the clinic was a mom with her child, she walked 8 hours to be standing at the gate when opened.
  • Clinic employs a MD, Nurse, Guard and cleaning lady.
  • Clinic budget is 4,558/month.
  • Founders recent Honduran residency will allow us to expand and go mobile to people who are unable to get to clinic.

Our clinic staff on site includes Dr. Olga Mazanares, a nurse, a guard, and a cleaning lady. For the clinic to operate smoothly there is still a need to hire a full time receptionist and pharmacist. Currently Dr. Olga is filling prescriptions herself and Nurse is doing front desk, check in and triage. The ideal budget is 4,478 USD/monthly and includes 5 salaries (when front desk reception and pharmacist added) phone, medications, water, container shipments and site visit costs. Current monthly donations are $920 USD/month. For the clinic to remain open, more help is needed from people who believe health care is pivotal to peoples lives.

Questions ?

Gayle Davidson 321-403-9292 (when in US)

Email gayledavidson@hotmail.com

Donations to: Clinica de Esperanza (Clinic of my hope)
PO Box 120205
Melbourne, FL 32912

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Additional information

In 2014 there were 10.2 million meals donated to IRC and partof those were administered from the clinic as US Aid required documentation of weight gain and progress. Dr. Olga also provided education for this process and people came back and improvements were remarkable.