Elder Care Highlights

Spent part of the day finishing Elder care, climbing mountains with Pamela Sommardahl and Juan antonio and Rosinda to see some people, provide a Bible, glasses (they love that) and heath care advice along with food and prayers. Mountain climbing should probably come off my list... just sayin. Still a Good day!


Great service project for the Elderly around Santa Ana. Many elderly live alone and have no way to feed themselves or leave their home for heath care. Yesterday shopping for basic needs and today starting our deliveries with Pamela Sommardahl, (heart of gold)Carolina Rodriguez ( our pharmacist ) and Gladys (our nurse). Food, Bibles, glasses, vitamins , and care. Pamela also brought a apple gadget and gave the families pictures of themselves. They loved it. Good day.

Education is an essential part of health care

Part of heath care is education. With education you can change the world and improve your life in every way. Feed your family and provide for their needs. Our new teacher at Nueva Oriental is Albert Durón. The head of the school (Jackie) and Albert and I went shopping yesterday. There are many students but we could only afford a teacher manual and one student book per grade. Very expensive here. Does anyone have any school resources or teachers with left over books for grade 1-6? We are particularly interested in the book with this post “school zone” Big Kindergarten. And the National Geographic books are great as well. Pray as our English teachers use the Bible to teach as well.


Counseling Services at the Clinic


Today a group of psychologists and their teacher, Marvin Rivera came to the clinic. All the students are finished with school and now will complete their 800 hour internship. The clinic will be one of the sites and we will dedicate one of our rooms for counseling Mon - Friday.


This group is dedicated to helping children age 6-18. They will be visiting local schools and the area to get referrals. The service will be free. 

Taller de Visión y Misión

Vision and Mission seminar held at clinica de Esperanza today led by Byron Sommardahl. It was excellent and gave us the opportunity to plan the future of the clinic as a team and learn ways to work together towards common goals. A great day. Thanks Byron for sharing your wisdom and time with us.


Clinic Highlights



They are two little sisters from La Bodega, Santa Ana, their names are Joyce Esther Herrera Medina is 5 years old, and Mayreth Aurora Herrera Medina is 2 years old, they are really adorable in front the camera.



His name is Carlos Antonio Blandin González, 35 years old, from El Círculo Ojojona, he came to the clinic with his daughter Ana Marcela Blandin García, she is 8 years old, the both are here because they have chest congestion and he said that he came because medicine is good and the attention too.


His name is Fredi Omar Ilovares Santos, he is 6 months old, from Aragua, they have to walk 1 hour and a half to Ojojona and then take the bus to complete the journey. She says it is worth it. The attention is quick, takes care of her needs and she is grateful to the clinic.

Construction of Student Center and Dental Clinic Continues

Student Center

Dental Clinic

Summer Intern and Clinic Construction

Summer intern, Josh Halford and I take a moto taxi today to meet with Dr. Jesse Rodriquez at the San Juan Laboratorio to discuss labs to help the patients until we have our own lab. Super accommodating and has heard of us, so willing to give a great discount.

Josh Halford worked in the clinic today, and then he built 6 sets of shelves for bodega, then Marcia Hines and I stained a lot of wood. Josh took over so Tim Hines and I could be sure they were supervised properly and checked for important updates on the phone. Then they climbed the walls to put up the ceiling. ( I was assigned the task of photography.) A great homemade dinner followed. Thanks Tim and Marcia.

Getting ready to put 2 dental chairs on back porch of clinic.

Mobile Clinics - Torch 2017

Cisco shared pictures of the clinics we were able to do on our trip with me. We served over 1000 people (we lost count at that point) Roben-Marie Smith was invaluable as well as many Torchers and interpreters, Matt Robinson was our body guard one day to help with the crowd. What a blessing. Enjoy watching the team work.

Reading Glasses Help Open Eyes to the Bible

Several people at clinic today that were given Bibles but said they could not see. Recently acquired reading glasses were well received and many sat on porch to read Bible to me. This is because of one of your donations.

Clinic Highlights

Clinic today with the help of Byron Sommardahl, Pamela SommardahlCheryl Sommardahl, Don Sommerdahl, and many members of the church and my interpreters Jessie and Sandra. Don and Cheryl kept everyone full of popcorn. Gods word was spread by Juan. Wonderful day!

Man rides bus 8 hours with swollen abdomen

 Couple Reaches Out

Couple Reaches Out

A 61 year old man has to take a bus for over an hour to get to the clinic as he could not afford to pay to see anyone at a regular clinic. He had a dry cough and stomach pain for over 4 months with the greatest pain being on the right. He could have liver failure with ascites, a colon tumor, or a number of other things that are not to happy to think about. 

This is well above the capabilities of the clinic. The Patient was transported to a hospital to receive a MRI and tests to discover diagnosis and hopefully a solution. In a country without proper solutions to difficult problems and little finances, it is basically often survival of the fittest. 

We at the clinic hope to provide these families with transportation and support during these difficult times to help them to the next level of care. Oftentimes, health care travels through several levels. Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and resolution. We plan to be as proactive in how we take care of people in need. 

Through Giving Tuesday and the end of the year program is helping us raise awareness and funds to make this possible.

 abdominal Distention

abdominal Distention


 Microsoft House

Microsoft House

Our latest interns at the clinic learned more than taking care of patients. They learned that it take more than traditional medicine to cure disease and work with an illness. They learned that it takes emotional, physical, spiritual support and hope. They were not only able to support medical teams but fill wells with clean water built with our partnership with Torch Missions. They visited the sick in the hospital where the parent can not be with the child as they have 4 more kids at home and no spouse. At the childrens home they provided hope and love to the children. At our warehouse they put together starter kits for the women learning a trade to give them a start in their new profession. They helped hand out food with our partners at US Aid. They built a home for a family that did not have one with the help of the Acklen Ave. team and Torch Missions members with Microsoft sponsoring the home. 

People need clean water, food, vitamins, shelter and hope to take care of their families. We want our young people to learn to see the big picture in health care/wellness. This can only be accomplished by learning to look at a person as a whole, looking at everything that touches their lives each day. 

They battle for their next meal, a drink of water, work, shelter and caring for their children. We battle to get as many as we can well enough to get through the next day. 

It is great to see corporations and people come together to make it happen. A priveledge to be able to be a part of these things on a continual basis. Changing lives, one at a time. 

 Mountain Clinic

Mountain Clinic



 Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry

 The Well

The Well

 Start a Business

Start a Business

Welcome to Our New Nurse, Maria Isabel

Welcome our new member of the staff, Maria Isabel (Izzy) who will be our nurse at the clinic. She assisted with a village clinic and was hired. We are all excited to have her!

Ledy's nursing education was paid for though one of my "education for youth" scholarship project on global giving. She has graduated and is working and supporting her family of 4. She is the 4th nurse to intern at the clinic and have education paid for.   You can add that you can help with this project by donating at www.globalgiving.org Project # 15843.



Donate to grassroots projects around the world


Fail report:

The Clinica de Esperanza in Honduras has been functioning for 10 years with 40,000 plus patients have been seen for free and given treatment and medication. I have been raising money in the states, providing my own funds when we are short and depending on Honduran employees to do as I ask and informing me of problems.  We employ Hondurans as this also helps with the economics of the area so they can feed their own families. 

Now that I live here; I see how I have failed in this. Just raising money is not what it is about. Making sure the funds for the program are providing the care expected is what is important. We have a caring staff that does their best with what they have. Third world countries live like this in every hour of every day as they often do not even know where the next meal is coming from. Yes, we need funds to exist but we would be more effective if funds were more specific. Truly, I mostly worried about medication and paying the salaries. 

My failure was in only spending  a month or two here every year. Every time I visit, I ask if everything is okay. Do they need anything? To my eyes the otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes and blood pressure cuffs appear fine hanging there on the wall. Not true in most cases. My list of things that are broken was over 50 as of todays’ date. It is alarming. This week alone I have tested every piece of equipment in the clinic, looked through every drawer. Attempted to fix what was broken but most is so outdated that no parts are even available for repair. 

 To administer a program, full time observation and direct involvement is necessary to see if equipment and project is working as planned.  A full understanding of the differences in cultures is an absolute.   

Global giving has been very helpful in raising funds but I rarely have internet available.  So another failure. I do not find out about programs until it is to late or I am consumed with trying to help so many people that I do not find the time to work in the fundraising arena. To remedy this, I have put time for internet access on my calendar so I can visit once a month for this specific purpose in mind. 

I am using my time to educate my staff on what is expected, teaching them how to repair problems, and how to communicate to me if they need help. In this culture it is not normal to complain about a situation so I gave them a sturdy speech that allows them to feel free to let me know what is needed so I can direct my fundraising towards the specific needs and better care for the patients.

We are preparing to launch a educational program in January for the community as they are not educated in prevention and specific ways to improve their health related to hypertension, Diabetes, infectious diseases and venereal diseases.  The feeding program and importance of nutrition will also be discussed and information will continually be available in waiting room. 

Currently we are meeting with local laboratories and medical supply companies to remedy these needs specifically. We are welcome to any other suggestions. 

Serving Him with you,