Land Available in Santa Ana Honduras

Land available in Santa Ana Hondura….

Well, I thought I would share where I am with the land situation.

I have not seen it, nor do I have to. I trust Tim Hines and Marc Tindall to know if it fits our needs.

I obviously want land...

Tim called me Friday March 11th in the morning about the situation . I prayed to God that day about whether it was Gods will to give us the money to build a clinic. Tim had told me it would take 15K to build the clinic I was dreaming of. At 4pm (same day) on my way from work, I was on the phone with a lady here talking about something else and she asked me what projects were going on in Honduras. I told her that I was praying about a medical clinic. She said, that’s funny, she said, "I was praying this morning about what to do with this 15K profit from my house sale. I told God I would use if for him if I sold the house." I was crying and still on the phone with her when I pulled up at the health first warehouse. God had given me exactly what I had prayed for to the dime. Mitch was outside and saw me crying and came a running to ask why. I told him how God had worked that day. He put his arm around me (he is not a christian) and said "God is not finished with this day yet" He took me in the warehouse, walked me down every aisle and picked out everything, down to trashcans, for the clinic. He still has not figured out why I did not quit crying because he said the point to the tour was to make me stop with the tears.

The money is raised to build the clinic and we now have a storage unit full of every single thing we will need to open the clinic. From a business point of view and from a planning standpoint, I did everything backwards. You are supposed to plan the project first. Know how it will operate and how it will be funded. You then Budget the project and then raise the money for the land and then raise the money for the buildings and then (finally..) build.

I did exactly the opposite of what most people would of done. But here is the thing.
I did not do it...
God did it and who is to argue with that.

The IRC boards vision for whatever land we choose is a free clinic, a mi esperanza training center, housing for workers, a torch mission retreat center, homes for the poor, and a church. Marc Tindall wants to build a childrens’ home and I could go on forever.

I have only learned how to listen to God and his will in the past 3 years, he sure seems to have been shouting at me that friday afternoon. (he knows I am a little dense and need strong direction)

So with out making any logical sense to you business minded people, I am truly not worried about the money. God will call the right people with the passion to fund this project.

I love you all dearly and hope you will find this writing from the Spirit that is working thru these keys and giving direction where it is needed.

Your sister, gayle