Welcome to "Nowhere"

This is little Maria. One week ago our Torch team "Happened" to be at the children's home where she lives. It was not the place we had planned on going that day, it is where we ended up after the other children's home could not accommodate our group. One of our team members, David Logue, noticed she was sick and came to me for help. She began to seizure and it became uncontrollable. After desparate efforts to get her fever down, we decided to transport her to the nearest hospital, over an hour away. She had a complete respiratory arrest before we could get her out of the truck. If our team had not been there in the middle of nowhere on that day at that time, she would of died. She quit breathing a second time before we could get her checked in the emergency room. Thanks to Beki, Robin, David and Gena and their willingness to be exactly where God needed them to be at that moment in time, you can see her smile today.

Consider that you may be able to make the same difference in someone's life if you are in the middle of nowhere. The middle of nowhere is exactly where God is calling us to go. So...come to nowhere with us. June 2006.

Serving Him with you,

Gayle Davidson