All I ever learned, I learned from Tim Hines not Kindergarten

Service in Action

Have you ever read the book, "All I ever wanted to know I learned in Kindergarten?" It is a book about life and how to live it. I encourage you to pick up a copy and read it. Personally I don't even really remember Kindergarten much less what I learned there, if anything. I thought I was just there to have fun and to meet cool people that were there to have fun too.

What I do know is what I have learned from God's servant, Tim Hines. I know that many of you out there have learned some of these same things and will totally agree with me.

I have learned Passion in service. Depth in prayer. Compassion beyond reason. Wisdom in the journey. Patience with the multitudes. Hope for tomorrow. Unleashed power through music and song. Unending strength to do the seemingly impossible... How to find light in total darkness. And Lastly, I have learned how to find the unfindable fish.

Jesus was all about showing his disciples how to fish and that the rewards of doing what He said was indescribable. Can you even imagine trying to pull that many fish into a boat? The excitement that a "fisherman" would have at that moment in time. Jesus probably just laughed as he watched their enthusiasm and anticipation at the catch. Jesus knew that all the fish in the world were nothing compared to the reward he promised us as his followers.

Today was our last day of tattoo removal for this trip. We arrived at the location in San Pedro this morning. We set up in a room that was less than desirable. Tim made it work. Being a new group of young men, Tim had to provide orientation before we began. Then he held hands, provided comfort and encouragement, and made sure (all day) I had everything I needed to make it work. Interpreted everything that needed to be said. Assisted in the orientation of two physicians from the local area. Intercepted the media. Handled the police. Encouraged local group leaders. All I did is provide the needed laser therapy for the men to get on track with rehabilitation.

The x-gang members had no remarkable or out of the ordinary stories to tell today. Yet I am left with the feeling that the remarkable still occurred.

Serving Him with you,

gayle davidson

Colossians 3:15-17