Tattoo's day 3

Sent: Sunday, March 05, 2006 1:35 AM

It is our 3rd full day of tattoos and everyday we get blessed by someone's story or the blessings we find in each other. We are all focused on getting the job done and all want the same thing for the x-gang members. We want them to find a new life. We want them to erase their past and find a new life. We pray each day that our example will touch them and remind them that we are doing it for God and he is the only way to change for the good.

The guys today seemed to be a little rougher group but still working to change their lives for good. They were patient and grateful. Several have told us they can never go out of hiding until their tattoos are removed. This may take 9 months of time to do, so they won’t scar. We ask you to join us in praying for their futures and hope in God. One man told us today that "I just want a normal life, I want to go to church and find a wife and have kids" without being threatened.

Some can’t even go to their own neighborhoods after they try to get out. They force them to show their tattoo and if it is not there, they hurt them. Some are so happy to be alive and well in their faith with God that they don’t even try to go back to their own neighborhood.

Marilyn Gilroy has been such a blessing. Always positive and helpful. And she is really good at aiming and firing. Ha. Tim has been invaluable. He does whatever needs to be done and then blesses us with more. He has been a great comfort to the x gang members and seems to know just what to say to them. I have enjoyed the work as well and pray God holds us up until we can finish this first round. We will have to retreat the patients every 6 weeks and some tattoos take 6 treatments to fully erase.

We went out to Santa Ana today for a little while this morning and the children’s home are awesome. The clinic is getting closer and all the cucuy houses look awesome. It will be ready for kids soon. A lot of hard work has gone into the property and it is thriving.

Thanks for keeping up all the prayers. We love you, gayle