Changed Hearts

The mission trip is coming to an end. We are in a beautiful setting on an island called Roatan. The team has learned to work together to get a job done, even when it is difficult. They have bonded as a family. We have learned to lean on each other during the weak times and be a strength to others when needed. As we all reflect on the past 2 weeks, we inevitably have to take a closer look at ourselves. This is sometimes painful but always beneficial.

Bringing this into focus is sometimes difficult after experiencing a new group of feelings that may have of never been identifiable in the past. As Tim led our last two devotional he made it clear what our Lord expects of us and what we should expect of ourselves.

It really doesn't matter how many houses we built or how many people we helped. The numbers are not relevant. All that really matters is that hearts were changed. I have seen the light reflecting from the kids on this trip. Hearts were changed and will continue to rock the world they live in.

It was all good.

Gayle Davidson