We learned about finding purpose in our lives at devotional tonight. Our purpose is clear here in Honduras… we know what we need to do and we do it. There are no distractions nor do we have any way of going anywhere other than where the bus takes us. The point is that your kids and the rest of the team choose to get on the bus and do whatever needs to be done that day. I have not heard one complaint.

Today they built 2 houses in a town called Nueva Oriental. The town is full of people that work together to get things done. They have a strong sense of community. They, of course, have more children than you can even imagine. Lauren Chudkowsky tried desperately to help build the house as that was her purpose for the day. God had different plans and she ended up being a kid magnet. They kept taking her gloves away and her hammer so she would play with them. They knew how to count to 10 before it was over and how to play “double time.” She knew before the day was over that God had different plans for her that day. She opened her heart to his will and obeyed. Wouldn’t it be great if we could be like Lauren in our own lives??? Flexible, adjustable and ready to do his will.

Amber Davidson and Ryan Bailey led the 2 houses. Both are good on the roof. We enjoyed presenting the homes complete with a locking door and a prayer for the future of their families.

It was a good day.

Gayle Davidson