The Reward

We worked Wednesday at a children’s’ home in Zamarano named Good Shepherd. It is run by Gregg and Eva Vaughn. We brought them pizza, cotton candy, popcorn and a lot of love and attention.

On my first trip in 2001, they had all the kids in their personal residence. There were around 60 kids at the time. They were not easy kids to take care for from the standpoint of difficulty. The Vaughn’s were known for taking kids no one else wanted. Kids from gangs, kids that are abused in unimaginable ways, and mentally challenged kids. You are thinking that anyone who could care for that many kids in such a small space is outrageous and impossible to do properly. Simply not true. The kids are in excellent hands, receiving excellent care. Now 190 strong with 8 houses to live in and another under construction, we see the rewards of their labors.

Eva called all the children together who were excitedly gathered on the playground we had just constructed. Thank you Mike and Debbie Lovelace for providing the funding! She had all the kids that came out of Cassida Kennedy raise their hands. As you recall from a past blog, this is the governmental orphanage where kids were throwing chairs at us and hitting and biting. She asked the ones who came from Cassida to raise their hands. There were approximately 60 children. What an impact on our team to see how some love and attention could turn their lives around and erase all the anger that we had witnesses from our visit to Cassida last week.

For people like the Vaughn’s and for the teens and adults on this trip, the reward is as basic as the smile of a child. Simple, but worth more than any material reward on the planet. As they ran down the fence while we pulled away in the bus there were mixed emotions, tears on both sides of the fence mixed with encouraging smiles.

We all knew that it just doesn’t get any better than this. To know that the children have a good home with Godly people.

It was a great day.

Gayle Davidson