Clinic in Santa Ana Honduras

I love reading stories all through the Bible of how absolutely amazing things happen to ordinary everyday people.
• The people Jesus healed
• The people that got to eat the loaves and fishes.
• The people that were inspired by God to write down the scriptures.
• The men that pulled in the huge catches of fish.
• Gideon and David
It is so cool that amazing things are still happening to ordinary people today. Being a child of God (even an ordinary one) is such a blessing. This child had the great honor of standing in the clinic in Santa Ana early Sunday morning and seeing the fruits of our labors (through joyful tears) come to life. I was deeply touched and in awe of all that people have accomplished towards this goal. We moved in the furniture on Saturday and it is ready to begin caring for the poor of this area. There was a pre-site visit today by a team that will begin the first dental brigade on September 18th. We have already begun to recruit physicians to provide medical care.

I am looking forward to the day when I can personally provide care for people that come into the clinic. Our torch teams will also be able to provide care during the summer trips. The next container will provide the medications for the pharmacy. Beki Nickens has volunteered to help with this. These will be free to the people of Honduras.

God provided all the right people and supplies to accomplish this task. How do I thank people for making dreams come true and scripture coming to life?? Everything that was asked for and prayed about was given in abundance.

To Doug Hines, Mike and Debbie Lovelace and Barbara Boyd for your support on the project. Also, Barbara, for being my prayer warrior and unending personal support on this dream from the beginning. To my husband, Keith, for putting up with my continual addition of work to our household. Mitch Williams at the Health First warehouse for providing all the equipment and supplies. Paul Behrenberg for drawing up the plans. A special thank you to all the container loading crazy people and supportive people at the Melbourne church of Christ. To Tim Hines, for all the work in obtaining the land, legal papers, electricity, water and work on the outside to build up the land and patio in the back (it is beautiful) and believing in the clinic, even when I had my doubts. Gena Hines and Mark Connell for working on the roof. Nicole Tindall for all the hours of staining the ceiling. Joe Merillat for supervising the work since January. A big thankyou to all the Torch teams that painted, scraped, and cleaned. Mark Halbert for providing the funds for the front gate. Timoteo Estrada for all the hard work for the past year. Yul Galindo and Gina Larios for helping move all the supplies to Santa Ana last weekend and fixing everything that was not working. You guys rock!!!
Love you all.
And love serving Him with you,