Tim Hines and Gayle Davidson/Tattoo trip # 4

This was our 4th trip since March 1st to remove tattoos. Optimally the patients need a treatment every 6 weeks for 6-8 treatments. That means it can take up to 48 weeks to remove a tattoo. This trip Tim Hines met with the new government and they came for a show and tell session with the laser. They seemed to be impressed with the program. Hopefully, they will want to continue to help these men get back their lives and become productive members of society. Tim has been integral in the ministry, providing all the support needed to run the program. (Interprets, organizes, puts the machine together, transports, and takes care of all the details required to keep us safe)

We have been training Honduran physicians to take over the program in Honduras from the beginning so there will be better opportunity for follow-up. The x-gang members continue to bless us with stories. It is great to see them come back for each session. They really complimented me this trip. They would not let anyone but me do their treatment, even though we had a qualified physician training with me, they had no problem saying "only gayle" could do the treatment. I felt sorry for them hurting the doc's feelings for a brief moment but I have to admit that it made me feel good to have the trust of the guys. The program has come a long way from the beginning when they were afraid of the treatment (and me) because they had been so abused with other programs and methodology. Being a small part in this ministry has been a true and unique blessing from God. I am enjoying it immensely. I thank God for the opportunity to serve in this manner. gayle