See the change... make the change... BE the change

Your past, live a new life.

See the change in this mans tattoo after only 3 treatments. It is nothing compared to the change in the mens lives. It takes patience and the follow up is difficult with this group of men but it is worth it. The hugs and tears from the men who can now get employed and provide for their families and not worry about being killed for the tattoo, are worth every single bit of time and money spent. They are in wonderful Christian programs and the men and women in the program openly praise God for their blessings. I personally thank God for the personal example they gave me on this trip.

This was my 5th trip since the beginning of the program to remove the tattoos. The current trip was dedicated also to training the willing Honduran physicians in this process in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. This trip was so encouraging. Many of the boys did not come with their director because their tattoos are completely erased. Several that came were faded almost completely away. For many of the men this will be their last treatment.

This was a very special trip. The program has new directors since the new government came into office. We were able to meet with them and set up protocols and a plan for the future. Five Honduran physicians were trained on this trip that have a lot of potential and have hearts for the work. One of the docs has come for 3 separate training programs and I have put him in charge of the medial management of the tattoo program. They have purchased land and plan on building a clinic dedicated to this work. One of the physicians I trained on this trip has a Foundation here in Honduras and plans on providing funds for to keep the future of the program alive and buy ongoing supplies. This is great news.

The entire staff seems dedicated to the program, particularly the director. We prayed together for the future success of the program and the effective change in their lives. It was with tears that I turned over the key to the machine... I felt like I was giving away one of my babies. But, I know it is in good hands and like a good adoption, I know these new parents will do an awesome job of growing the program into an effective ongoing reach out to men and women that are ready to begin new lives.

We will continue to support the program until it is able to walk and stand on its own. I know that it will.

I can't begin to describe to you the great blessings that you will experience personally when you involve yourself in changing lives for good. Just do it!

Serving Him with you,
Gayle Davidson