Dianne Ortt perspective

Hey Everyone.
Yesterday was spent at the Blind School, one of my favorite stops, then onto Mia Esperanza where they teach the women skills so they can get better jobs. Myself and Paul (Carla's husband) evaluated their PCs to try and figure out how to upgrade them. They really just need memory cards. We then visited the Casitas Kennedy orphanage that is run by the state. Pizza was provided for all the kids. I played with little girls in their dorm area and we blew a lot of bubbles. After that we went shopping at Valley of the Angels and I got something made from wood I am sure was turned on a lathe for you. It isn't real intricate just something that made me think of you and your hobby. After that we had dinner at a hotel/resort in Honduran terms of a resort at Santa Lucia. We then went to a church built in 1533 and there are no nails in its construction. The walls are pueblo and the roof is wood with some wood pegs. It has certainly held the test of time. We got to see 400 year old priest robes and the items in the church are all original. It is the most beautiful place for singing. If only I could bring back the boys (Ben, Sammy, Brian, Todd, Josh and Farren) as a group to show our boys and men at home what real spiritual singing to God looks like. They were so into every song. At least we have 3 of the six.
Remind me to tell you of the little boy who returned to the orphanage named Loube.
Everyone is fine. My sinuses are acting up and draining. I bet I get a sinus infection in the end. I've faithfully taken my vitamins every day and am sure that has helped as the diet is totally out of whack.
Todd got to play indoor soccer again the Wed night.
Today I believe I go to set up the PCs that Gayle bought. I was going to build a house but I go where I am needed.
Its time for breakfast (6:45 AM here) and then we have devo at 8:00 and get on the buses.
I love you. Dianne