good morning

Good morning! It is starting out as beautiful day in Honduras. The rains have stopped for awhile. Santa Ana was alive with work yesterday. 2 house teams spent literally all day trying to get the homes done in the monsoons that opened up upon us yesterday. The teams were wet and cold but they kept working. One of the homes will have to be completed on Monday. The rest of the team worked at the clinic in Santa Ana, 118 boxes were unpacked full of medicine and the pharmacy was born. I had a bunch pill poppin, paint flying, cleaning, crazy saw cutting people that worked nonstop between power outages (cant see in the clinic very well under flashlight power. )

God’s power was evident in the thunder and lightening and replenishing of the earth with the water of life. The setting is beautifully masterer by the master himself. Untouched hills and mountains outlining the horizon and trees that don’t stop. This setting would not be in America because we all would of borrowed our last dime to live here. It would be covered with rich beautiful homes and safe neighborhoods. Guarded gates and entryways. Manicured lawns and landscaping. I personally like it better this way and am thankful there are places like this with peace pouring out of every rock and flower and cloud.

The greatest thing I witnessed today was the unfolding of a prayer that was answered in such a powerful way. You see, I have been feeling like a failure for these past 8 months at not being able to get the medical clinic working full time. I am always drawn with the want to come here and work full time and get it running myself. My strongest desire is simple. Not wanting it empty or unused, and wanting to meet the medical needs of the poor. Knowing I am not capable of this task. I have prayed earnestly since my last hospitalization for God to send me someone.

Someone came in a big way today while we were working. Her name is Dr. Olga. It just happens she is the first Doctor I met on my first day in Honduras in 2001. She was running a clinic at the Baxter Institute where I saw patients all day. She could never pronounce my name so she re-named my Rosie. Many in Honduras still call me by this name. I was unable to meet with her on the last trip as I had to be flown home early. So all in God’s timing, not gayle’s she arrived. She loved the clinic. We walked around holding hands and looking at everything and talked about dreams. She loved the principles that the clinic expected to portray. After a time she said she would be willing to run the clinic 5 days a week. Administration would include working with the mayors of Santa Ana and Ohohona to meet the needs in the 2 neighboring communities. She would see the patients, provide follow up and give them their medications for free. Then she asked how much the job paid. Of course, I had no idea, I had invited her to the interview with not a clue what would happen at this point. I asked her what she wanted. I told her frankly that there was currently no money to pay for a doctor, that she needed to tell me what she wanted and I would have to pray about it, talk to the board and let her know if it was possible to make the dream come true. She finally said 15,000 limpera a month. I almost passed out on the spot. That is 789. US dollars a month. THAT IS $9.468. A YEAR!! For a full time doctor, that I have know for 6 years, know she can do the job, and know she is perfect for the job. Did not hire on the spot, even though I wanted to and will talk to her again before the team leaves. Only God could answer my prayers in such a mighty way. He not only sent the resource but an attainable financial goal for us to reach. All I could do is cry and say thankyou and share the moment with some of my dearest lady friends.. Wanda Curington, Dianne Ortt, Susan Wirsch , Lindsey Tate and Janet Hines. David Logue was there who made most of the donations happen this year and has poured his heart and soul and time into the project.

God is making it happen. The day filled me with energy and the power of His grace and love of his children.

It WAS a very good day. Monday will me my first chance to work in the clinic. I am so excited God put me here in this time.

Serving you with Him,

gayle davidson