It was a day by Wanda Curington

Wednesday June 20th

A phrase you often hear is “where did you see Jesus today?” I admit that there have been days on some of my trips when I could not come up with a clear cut answer. Today I was abundantly blessed with answers… And, NO I wasn’t at the childrens home, blind school, clinic or any other place you might expect it. We were working on a construction crew. So where do I start, I guess with Roger, a Honduran man. He showed up on our site out of the blue and began working extremely hard with us . I saw Jesus when, in the name of efficiency, some of our male members of our team became impatient with one of the teen boys who was not experienced with a hammer. Roger, on the other hand, would start the nail for him and then place his hammer under it to prevent it from bending. When he would grip to close to the head of the nail, Roger would gently direct his hand to the end of the hammer.

My next blessing came in the of another young Honduran man, Kevin. He followed me around the work site all afternoon. He would pick up nails that I dropped and when I was doing liter patrol, he would help me pick up the trash at the work site. We communicate through his few English words and my fewer Spanish words and our smiles. He has given candy and small toys through out the day from team members. At the end of the day Melissa even gave him her shoes off her feet. I thought to myself, “he has really racked up today…” As we were on the bus waiting to leave I looked out the window and there was Kevin passing out his own treasures to the children coming home from school that had not had a chance to get anything. My heart melted, of course, I had to dig everything I could find out of my backpack and get off the bus to go and give him replacements. He looked up and smiled and said, “thank you Wanda.”

Another place I saw Jesus today was in the actions of a young twenty two year old guy named Clay that is on our trip. Now clay is a big guy, he is over 6 feet tall and over two hundred pounds. As the day neared the end, Clay picked up a small Honduran girl and was carrying her around as he worked. Then as I watched, he took out wet wipes and washed her face, arms, hands and feet. The next time I noticed the two of them, there sat this big guy painting her finger nails (green). Another amazing part of the blessing today was that I did not want to work construction today. I had worked the two previous days but agreed to work again when my new friends Melissa and Michael thought their crew was to short. What a wonderful day of seeing Jesus in action. I know things like this happen at home in the states also but unfortunately we are either not looking or we are just to busy to notice. Just a reminder to all of us to look for Jesus as we go about out daily routines., I truly did not think I was going to see HIM so active on a construction site today.

PS The house went uup great and the family was so excited and happy with the new casa.