A little boy named Luvin

Two weeks ago our childrens home staff made the most difficult decision they have ever had to make. One of the new children was violent. Would not listen or obey. It became clear he could be a danger to the other children. For the good of the other 15, he was sent back to the judge and state run orphanage.

He called Jennifer (one of our caretakers at Casa de Esperanza) his mom, he begged to be taken back when she came to visit. The decision was final. Yesterday we went to Casitas Kennedy for a visit. We could not find him. They said he escaped at 5 am. The little boy arrived at our childrens home gate at 4pm. It is an hour drive in a car. In his hand was a gum wrapper with Santa Ana written on it. He had showed it to every bus and truck driver between tegucigalpa and santa ana. He begged everyone he saw for a ride as far as they would take him. He said, "mama please take me home" He is 9 years old. The motivation of this child to be back in a place where he is loved. To see that there is a different way of living and wanting to have it. Pray for wisdome today for Jennifer and Karen (who run the childrens home) that they will be able to effect change in the life of this little boy. It seems for now that he is changing our lives.
Serving Him with you, gayle davidson