What did YOU do today???

Torch 07
Santa Ana, Honduras

Our Construction team gave hope to 4 families by building 4 houses in Santa Ana and started on classrooms for a church in Nueva Oriental.

Medical team (Dr. Dabbs, Dr. Howell, and myself saw 243 patients and filled 489 prescriptions. Triage nurses Tara Merillat, Phyllis Bird and Sammy Palmer took all the vital signs and intake information on all the patients. Esther Sutherland kept the line moving, made sure everyone went home with something and generally helped everyone with interpreting. Gina Larios interpreted for me and kept me out of trouble with my spanish skills in the pharmacy. This was all done without electricity and on the back porch.

The Dental team (Melissa and Todd)pulled 75 teeth and dealt with multitude of problems. They were also very helpful in improving the health care in santa ana. When the line heard the cries from the dental patients alot of the line decided to go home.

There was a ministry line after the pharmacy to provide clothes and supplies to the people that came to clinic.

Dianne Ortt, Melissa Janney, Claire, Terri Harding, Susan Wirsch and others helped me get medication ready for distribution for the better part of the day and became pharmacy techs. In Melissa’s free time she cleaned up the equipement needed to entertain 400 plus kids tomorrow.

A team led by Denise (California) planted flowers in front of my clinic while we were seeing patients and planted sunshine into my life as well. ((thankyou Kristen, Tim, Gary, Todd, Christine, and Ed. )

Meanwhile back in Tegucigalpa David Logue and Lindsey Tate presented the audiology booth to the head of audiology at the Hospital Escuela. We found out that they have had nothing to test hearing for one and a half years. This is the only functioning audiology booth in the country. They were so happy they almost wet their pants. This booth was acquired for donation on May 25th . This booth was a royally difficult disassemble in Melbourne and reassemble in Honduras and required many man hours. Keith, Farron, David, Amber, Megan, Matt, Kate, Juan, and others helped disassemble on May 30th it was shipped on a container on June 1st. Lindsey was testing the mayor of Tegucigalpas ears on June the 22nd. I would say this is God working in a powerful perfect way. Thank you for MIMA ENT and Dr. Ruiz for making that happen to begin with.

In the afternoon while everyone is still working, Dianne Ortt and Terri Harding set up a internet café with some of the computers purchased from MIMA. It was an exciting time and it will be used to help the children of Santa Ana learn some computer skills and hopefully aid them in employment later.

Mi Esperanza presented to the group on the womens loan program and we ended the day with a great devotional led by Tim Hines called “How great is our God”.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

Gayle Davidson (Rosi)