Clinica de Esperanza Open Full Time

The clinic in Santa Ana Honduras opened today with a full time Honduran physician, Dr. Olga Jennette Manzanares. This was an answer to many prayers lifted up when it became clear that my health difficulties this year would not allow me to personally move to Honduras and care for the patients at this time. God’s will unfolded only 2 years after the purchase of the land by InterAmerican Restoration Corporation. ( With the help of Paul Behrenberg, Tim Hines, Joe Merillat, Gina Larios and the Torch teams everything happened at a steady pace. The clinic has been a dream since starting short term missions with TORCH in 2001. While providing health care on two week mission trips has it’s purpose, so much greater the continuous service on a full time basis to the poor of the area who could not afford health care in the past. The clinic provides people with a continuity to their health care. Dental teams have also entered a 5 year commitment to provide dental care to the children of the towns of Santa Ana and Ohohoja. The organization is called “Cadena de Amor” (means “chain of love”) This was all made possible by a dear friend Lilia de Larios. She is a awesome Christian woman and dentist in Honduras who not only runs a full time clinic in the Tegucigalpa area but spends her free time helping the poor of her country. Her example of service has been a constant source of inspiration to me. The clinic will require funds to pay the physician, nurse, staff and support the facility with pharmaceutical supplies. Consider a sponsorship of 1,300 to fund the clinic for a month or 13,600 annually. A small price to pay for a full time physician to care for the poor. She is caring and committed to the work. You may contact me at with any questions.