Christmas in Honduras 2007

Children received something for Christmas this year because of the efforts of the many people. National Park Church of Christ under the direction of Kea Hampton in Arkansas delivered supplies and boxes for 350 kids. Melbourne Internal Medicine Associates/Par Building brought in box after box during the weeks before the holiday to my office. (74 in all) These boxes were packed by many adults, interested in looking outside themselves at this time of year. The Oceanside Church of Christ in Satellite Beach, Florida also had a drive at their congregation which brought many more boxes and supplies for this work. Margaret Wahtera (who shops all year for the people of Honduras instead of herself) supplied even more supplies for the families in need, including shoes which were handed out with Christmas in the villages. They involved their family members to aid them in the process, including the shopping and discussing of what a 3rd world child would need most. This brought an astounding ability to look outside of oneself to the needs of others less fortunate. This process will build us into better people and teach our children and loved ones to learn from our examples of service. David Logue coordinated storage in Searcy, Arkansas. He also was able to get backpacks (over 100 at 1.20 apiece) at a wonderful price from the Wal-Mart in Searcy. He picked up the boxes from Bobby Hampton and drove them to Florida on Thanksgiving weekend to put on the container. The backpacks were great because they will be useful for the kids when they go to school. Someone at MIMA had the wonderful idea of using tool boxes for the teenage boys so they could work to earn money with their gifts.

Many others contributed toys and items and funds to enable us to have a session at my home to make even more boxes. (Thank you Megan Davidson, David Logue, Wanda Curington, Denise and Daniel Houle, and Katrina Bailey). All together we delivered 747 boxes to Honduras on a container that left only weeks before Christmas. The Melbourne Church of Christ and Oceanside Church of Christ youth and adults loaded the container for transport to Honduras.

Rita Meredith and others contributed to a special Christmas meal. The children at Casa de Esperanza and the staff were treated to a trip to Tegucigalpa on the bus, a movie at the mall, dinner at Camperos and ice cream at Baskin Robbins. A special treat for everyone.

I had the distinct pleasure of being one of the lucky ones, along with my daughter Amber; Lisa Tucker, David Logue; Lori Connell, Timateo Estrada, Joe, Tristen & Tara Merillat, Catie Cox, and Carol Douglas to personally hand out the boxes and see the looks on their faces and see the anticipation as they waited patiently for their box and shoes. Timeteo patiently kept the crowds at reasonable control and measured every child’s foot with a tool provided by the Payless shoe store here in Melbourne. A special thanks to those of you that included a picture of yourself, your children or a note for the kids receiving the box. You should have seen the wonder as they discovered they had a friend they had never met. Some of the kids kissed the picture, some of them just held on to it like it was a life preserver. This occurred in the villages of Nueva Oriental and Los Pinos.

Your outpouring of unselfish love for someone you have never met touched me greatly.

Thank you, you should all be proud of your efforts.

Serving with you,

Gayle Davidson
Vice President, Medical Director
InterAmerican Restoration Corporation
Torch Missions
3145 Hilliard Ct.
Melbourne, FL 32934