Container Away!!!!!

It takes a lot of hard work to get enough items donated to fill a 40 foot container with needed items for the poor. Loading it is always easy with my Florida group. An impressive turnout of 31 people and a dog showed up to be sure the cargo got loaded in time. (not all are in the picture) In addition the forklift decided to truly go manual so we had to push it forwards and backwards while loaded. The only function it would perform was up and down. Margaret Wahtera works year long to be sure our Torch teams have what we need distribute. The Oceanside Church of Christ sponsors our storage at the Miller Building and provides endless support to me personally. Kevin Cline led the teens to make Spanish coloring books for the children and Debby Nickens provided our VBS needs.Lindsey Tate has driven home every weekend just to support whatever needed to be done to get ready for the trip. David Logue brought medical supplies from Arkansas and has spent many a hot sweaty hour packing it all up at the storage area. Megan Davidson has loaded all the boxes and sponsored many a medical supply packing party in my home. Speaking of boxes, we could not do anything without the Ortts who provide all the sturdy boxes we need to be sure all the treasures get where they are going. God is good and provides all we need. These items will be unpacked by our crew in June 16th in Honduras.
Serving Him with you, gayle davidson