Day 2 Torch trip


Our morning devotional prepares us for the day, gets our minds and hearts ready for what is in store for us on that particular morning. Tim Hines prepares us each morning with praise and empowering from the word of God. Two construction crews built the Soper foundation house and the MIMA house. Both teams reported a sense of unity at both of the sites and had a great day. The medical team worked at the Clinic de Esperanza, Ruthy and Kerri saw patients, gayle ran the pharmacy and Lindsey and Bridgette dyed their fingers red making medication for dehydration. Tim Chuckoski said building a house with all the different parts (roof, siding, nails, lugging wood, teaching…) reminded him of the body of Christ, our different gifts and unity. We were also reminded it is a good thing we are not all a nail or all a hammer or all a piece of wood, or a wall or there would never be a house. Cristine Kleckner told us she was not really a house person but had the best day ever building and felt for the first time that she was able to contribute equally and combine with the uniqueness of ever person on the site. We are ready to take on the rest of the world tomorrow.
Remember it only takes one of you to change the world.
Serving Him with you, gayle davidson