Where God Led the Torch 09 trip............... by Tim Hines

Following God seems simple enough. We have all been taught since we were children to follow the Bible's instuctions to get where we need to go. Sometimes as humans we have different ideas of where we need to be and when we need to be there.

The Torch trip was like that this year. Obstacles were place in our path, and sometimes the choices were difficult but it was still clear that God wanted us to serve even in times of strife. The political uprising forced us to make decisions that continued to keep our team safe but also continued to allow us to serve Him.

In doing so, we went to places that we had never been before. Physically and Spiritually. The towns we were blessed to serve in during the last days told us they had never been served before. They had never had anyone come and offer them a home to live in or medical care or the sharing of Jesus that came from our team. They were so grateful for our presence that tears were shed over our mere presence.

I was proud of the team as they rose above adversity to get the job done. It was pure pleasure to be a part of God's plan unfolding in it's own way at it's own timing.

Running with you to win the prize, Tim