Politics/ June 26 2009

Well, it's always nice to know the military is looking out for us on the way to the airport. Thanks to the constant vigilance of Tim Hines, his military and govevermental connections and IRC board members, we had no incidences on the way to the airport. While we were getting ready to leave Tegucigalpa, the military, knowing the current President of Honduras Mel Zelaya, had broken the constitution and committed treason, pulled Pres. Zelaya out of the country as he tried to have a illegal vote to stay in power. It was so sad to come back to America and see that our politicians are so blind to what is really going on. The most important thing is that God has a plan in all things. We feel confident that everything will work out for the best for all. Pray for the poor of Honduras as they will suffer the most from this upheavel. Tim Hines and Marc Connell have stayed behind to be sure Terry Reeves group gets out safely as they had already arrived. Our group is on our way home. Thanks to Tim and Marc for staying behind to be sure all is well.