Where did you see God by Keri Spiker

Tonight’s devotional was at the Jesus Statue, overlooking the beautiful lights of the city of Tegucigalpa. What an amazing view. I kept thinking about all the places I had seen God’s love shown throughout the day and in the past week in a half. It was kind of funny that Tim Hines message was about the same thoughts that were going through my mind. I saw God today in Nate and Sean as they dressed up as clowns, acted silly and passed out toys to the smiling children. I saw God today in the hospital nurse who took me to see a few children that she really thought needed some love. She shared with me their stories, and in her eyes, I could see her love for those children. This touched my heart. I also saw God today in Gabri as she read from her Spanish Bible words of comfort from Psalms 23 to an elderly lady at the senior citizens home. And Megan Davidson as she sat and listened to an elderly man tell her a story in Spanish, when she had no complete idea what he was saying, but her presence and attention made all the difference to him. Coming on this missions trip has really taught me a lot about God’s love for his people. I urge you tomorrow to take a step back from the “busy-ness” of your daily life and look for places where God’s love is being shown through his followers or what you can do to show God’s love to someone else. Think on this thought…where did you see God today??? Kerri