Cedars Homeless Shelter

Above you will see Cody Balch and his wife Micah from Kalamazoo ministering to one of the residents. And a lady trying to figure out what cotton candy might be.

Imagine the difficulties of being a poor, destitute elderly person, living on the streets of tegucigalpa with no one to take care of you. You might not know your own name at this point or be able to communicate whether you have any family. Many of the people dont even know if they have family or where they are living. Francisco the founder of Ceders took on the chore of being willing to provide them a place to live, feed and care for them. On June 1st during the rain the roof feel in over many of the residents. The said roof being over 100 years old, needs to be completely replaced. Pray for ways to accomplish that job. We will need funds. We have plenty of workers.

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