Clinic Pelequim

Our container arrived last night and we wasted no time getting the medications at 5 am so we could be blessed with ministering to the people of Honduras on the mountain of Peliguim. While two more houses were built, the clinic was advertised in the usual way... We gave 20 kids candy canes and told them to go and tell everyone there was a free clinic... Upon deep reflection, It would of been better if I only gave out 2 candy canes. Within 15 minutes there was over 100 people in line and over 300 by the 30 minute mark. The clinic staff consisted of Kelsey Puckett and Alex Riggs at triage. They took blood pressures, pulses and chief complaints. Matt Provonsil managed the door and Bible distribution. Badly needed underclothing provided to women by Margaret Wahtera from Melbourne, Florida. Pharmacy was run by one of our new friends Octi. Jessica, our Santa Ana clinic intern interpreted for me as we saw patients. The Kalamazoo group provided some badly needed children's antibiotics and the day was worth all the effort because of one little boy. Leonardo who had a heart murmer that you could practically hear without a stethoscope and a high fever which looked to be coming from strep throat. If we had not shown up that day with the antibiotics he would of had more problems in the future and could of died from the infection. Isn't it awesome how God knows what people need before we do and sends help to the faithful. We had no plans to do a clinic that day or any supplies 24 hours before. The mother of the little boy had no way of getting health care until we showed up. The lesson here is remembering to trust God in all things and not lean on our own understanding.