Food Giveaway, Good Shepherd Children's Home/Day 6

Our day started at 6 am with a trip to the fresh market in Tegucigalpa. Poor people rarely receive fresh food. Our teams were given Limpera and divided into groups to shop for specific foods. (green vegetables,carrots, potatoes, onions, fruits, ect) Our Lowes Buckets (thankyou Margaret Wahtera) were perfect to provide protection to the fresh food and gave the people a bucket for carrying and collecting water. 150 families received food they did not expect as a result of this effort. We ran out of food and dug through the bus and found a few bags of beans. As a 10 year old child was handed a bag of beans she lit up like a kid at Christmas over a simple bag of beans.

Good Shepherd, a home to 192 children, is one of our favorite places to be. The children overwhelm us with love. They surround us the minute we get off the bus and cry by the fence as we leave. Times are tough here in Honduras and ministries are struggling without adequate funding. Gregg and Eva Vaughn love the unloveable and give their all to love these children. The home is a place that you do not want to leave whether you are 15 or 50. Visit their website at They have dedicated the last 15 years of their lives ministering to children that would not have a home otherwise. A project worthy of your financial support.

Our devotional tonight was provided by Tim Hines who compared our spiritual lives to sailing a sailboat and encouraged us to be willing to be who God meant us to be.To be willing to get out of the boat and walk to Jesus, touch his cloak and be healed and accept whatever life throws at you and keep aiming towards the goal as Paul was willing to do. If you have not been hearing our devotionals, you have been missing out. Tune in at www.ustreamtv/torch-devo at approximately 9-10 EST. Tomorrow night we will be having a offsite devotional and will return on Monday. Keep us close in prayer as we work to serve in a meaningful way.