Prison/Gatorade Run/Hospital Escuella

Today the women of the group had the opportunity to go to a womens prision. This prison is for women? aged 12-18. Their crimes vary from domestic violence to prostitution and murder. It is a very sad place to be. The matron of the prison was very excited to have us today and reported that we were the first people that had come in the last 15 years with medical relief. There were 21 girls in the prison and a clinic was set up and all the girls, employees, and workers were seen. Meanwhile the rest of the team fed the girls. This required that a one of our women sat with each girl, otherwise their food would be stolen by the stronger more forceful women in the ward. Crafts were done and we had a short devotional and singing time with them. We hope to start a long term relationship with this particular prison to provide health care on a regular basis.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the men slept in and had a late breakfast. At least that is what they told us to torture us since we left early this morning. Somehow they managed to have a gatorade run and visit to the hosptial while they were asleep. The gator aid run is a blast. The men look for unsuspecting thirsty people. Police officers, construction workers, guards, and people at intersections. They give them a bottle of gatorade and tell them Jesus loves them.

Matthew 25. I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was in prison and you visited me.... To do Gods will in such a tangible way is a true blessing.