Torch 2010 day 2, Meet the Needs

We have together decided that we can become conquerers with Gods help, even though we are but a spec on the planet. Cody and Tim and David have shared how important it is to focus on where we need to be spiritually today. Steve Soper is going to have such great pictures of what we are experiencing that it will blow your mind. Sean Niestrath impresses me on such a level that it reminds me of Jesus washing the disciples feet. He will do whatever it takes without complaint, even if he is not asked. Last night, with no sleep, he overheard me ask where we could find some bleach to mop the bus floor after the dump. Before I could turn around the job was already done. Meeting the needs of people is where it is at, no matter how menial the task may seem. Siobhan, Kelsey, and Jennifer did a great job with the kids. The house construction teams were awesome. The Honduran kids were so helpful and able to help with the wood down the steep slopes. The kids had a blast handing out goodies. They enjoyed VBS. Thank you Cheri Tate. The President of a medical college came to check out the clinic for future work in training american medical physicians to take care for people internationally in developing countries. Our Devotionals on line are currently happening about 9:30 pm EST. Thank you everyone who is supporting the work. We miss you but not enough to come home. :)