Worship with Los Pinos, Santa Lucia

Brothers and sisters and Christ are the same everywhere, we share a kindred spirit and a uniting with Christ even if we can not speak the same language, we are united in Spirit in truth. Tim brought the lesson on how one of the most destitute homeless men he encountered (Wesley) wanted nothing earthly from the group he was with, only prayer. That was enough for him and it should be enough for us. We were challenged to think what God wants from us and not this world.
The lesson was brought in both languages and was a blessing to all who heard. Singing was in both languages as well as we ministered in song in 2 languages.

Later in the aternoon we were blessed to worship at the oldest standing church in the Western Hemisphere. The acoustics make you think that angels are singing and not yourself. And maybe they were. Joining with a group from Mississippi and again were blessed to be with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

God is good.