Guillermo the Bus Driver

Guillermo and Naomi are as much a part of our group as the people who are on the trip. He drives our bus. He guards our possessions and watches over us like a mother hen. He is a part of our family. He loves us and we love him. He is also the best bus driver in the whole wide world. He can drive a bus anywhere I point.

Last night after working for one of the torch groups all day, he had to drive 3 hours to Chouleteca. He borrowed a truck and somewhere on the way back to the mission house, he fell asleep. This took him down a 80 foot drop off and through some power line poles. He woke up some hours later and climbed out of the cliff and found someone to bring him back to town. Tim Hines met him at the hospital to be checked out and treated for his injuries. Tim did not want him going to the free hospital and receive poor care. Tim stayed with him and cared for him and provided calm for Naomi.

Keep this family close in prayer during this time. Funds are welcome for his treatment.