Blind School, Food packing and delivery

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The loads of food have gone up to 2000 dollars because of the high cost of beans. This will make 250 bags of food. These food bags will feed a family of 4 for 2-4 weeks. They were delivered to Villa Vieja which is a place we have gone for many years. It is known for its steep hills.
Next year we will remember to bring rock climbing supplies...

Christian Pagliarulo (age 9) raised 7,000 dollars that paid for all of our food projects and helped with medication for the clinic. He did this by writing letters to people. How our faith must shrink as adults as we are afraid to even ask.

At the blind school was (as always) like listening to angels sing. We sang back at them and we were all blessed. The cotton candy was well received. As usual the blind kids won the soccer game. Oh well. We Americans keep trying, but fail. Gayle Davidson