Christmas in June/Hospital Escuela

Hospital Escuela is a government run hospital in Tegucigalpa. A few of the areas are pristine and well equipped if a donor has taken over the funding of that portion of the hospital. The rest is deplorable, understaffed and poorly run. If a patient needs supplies the family must get them themselves, even something as simple as a bandaid is not available. Children are stranded alone for long periods of time as their parent(s) live far away and can not afford transportation to the hospital to be with their children. Some moms and dads stand at their bedside for weeks without even a chair to sit it. Thanks to many Torch teams, chairs have been provided and some wonderful people to fill the gaps with visits to the children.

This year we had Christmas boxes that were stranded before the holidays left over and so brought Christmas to the children in a gender and age specific box, just for them. Never have you seen so many smiles. It did not matter that it wasn't the traditional Dec 25th time of year. What did matter is that Christ was in the holiday in June in those hospital rooms as the care and concern washed over those lonely souls. Gayle Davidson