Day 3/More House and More Sleep

Thank you Womacks and Northpoint church of Christ for sponsoring the houses.
Jessica's story:
Tim Hines spent some time finding out the situation at one of the houses. The womans name is Jessica. She got married at the age of 10 and had her first child at the age of 11. When Tim asked her why, she simply said "out of necessity". Since then she has had 5 children. The oldest is 14, then 11, 7, 5 and 18 months. Jessica is 25.
Her husband was working in a electronic store when they were robbed and he was shot 3 times. The 3rd shot was a hollow poing and hit his shoulder blade which spintered and went into his spinal column. He was taken to the free government hospital and told he would be paralyzed and they were not equiped to handle the surgery. They were told it would cost 8000 limps. During the transport to the second hospital, cars pulled behind and in front of the ambulence holding the husband and wife. The driver jumped out and put his hands over his head. Jessica said she had to make the hardest choice of her life by leaving her husband in the ambulence but she knew someone had to take care of the kids. His body was found near his home 3 days later.
She is afraid to even tell her neighbors or church sisters as she is afraid they will throw her out of the community, she lives in fear.

The house was very difficult to build and on a very high irregular sized lot. Adjustments were made and the house was completed. This could of been the happiest day of her life.

It was worth all the trouble. And at devo that night we talked about the power of prayer and the womans faith in these times of trial.