Food for the Hungry

Christian Pagliarulo age 11 raised 7K to feed the hungry of Honduras and provide medical care to people who needed it. A David in a Goliath world. The rest of us stand by afraid while a boy picks up the stone and throws it, knowing God will provide the rest. We fed the moutainsides, hilltops(literally with Austin Diehl and Alex Zimas help) /We fed them staples & fresh food from the market organized by Stephanie Pagliarulo. We fed the Good Shepherd childrens home, cotton candy to the blind school, lunch to the deaf school, the mens and womens juvenile prisons and sometimes just a hungry person on the side of the road. Gatorade to the thirsty workers in town. All in the name of Jesus. Bibles were given with the food to meet the spiritual needs as well as the physical needs. Just like Jesus did. There were little Jesus people excited to get off the bus at every stop and meet the need. Crazy Love, courageous love, love that never ends. Taylor Pinch happily serving the side of the road in this picture. The only complaint I heard was Dianne Ortt saying "I just wish we had more." Gayle Davidson