Torch June 13- Day 1/Clear aluminum by Gabby Neistrath

Well in typical Honduras fashion, things did not quite go as planned on the way down to Honduras. The Florida group made it down to Honduras almost on time, but since we were meeting in San Pedro Sula (5 hour bus ride from destination), the Florida group had to wait for us for 12 hours) We (Kalamazoo) had only a slight delay due to a hydrolics leak, which they had to call the fire trucks to check the plane when we landed. The Kalamazoo group ended up with several more delays,however, such as an eight hour delay in the Miami airport. The flight from Miami was supposed to leave at 10:50 a.m. but they didn't leave until around 8 p.m. The group from Florida was stuck in San Pedro Sula for that long, so we killed some time by going to the mall and shopping in the grocery store. While there, we went kinda crazy on the drinks, we really like fresca. While filling up the cooler, we saw the neatest bottle ever: a plastic bottle in the shape of an aluminum can, with an aluminum top. It was by far the coolest drink I have ever seen. When I was thinking about it, that's kind of like how we are with other people. With a regular aluminum can, you cant see the contents but with this can you can see everything that is inside. If you compare that can to how we think about other people, whether Americans or Hondurans, people of the faith or people without faith, it really helps you not to judge others just by their outsides. Look inside, like Jesus looks inside us and see the good.

by Gabby Niestrath