Young men already on the right path

Raising money for houses and food is a year long job if you are a group leader. There were 2 young men (in college) who have been on trips with us before. Patrick and Philip Behrenberg. I remember myself in college, broke most of the time and certainly not focused on missions. These 2 young men saved their own money all year to build 2 of the houses for this trip. This is sacrificial giving and I know if there are truly stars for our crowns, they earned some for this gift of love. Because true to our theme this is what "Love is". It excites me to know young people already have it together to accomplish such a task and we look forward to watching young people such as these grow up and see what they will do to change the world, the Church, and all the lives they touch. Thank you. It was like having you here with us. Gayle Davidson