Order out of Chaos

Order out of Chaos by Cindy Kleckner TORCH June 20, 2012

In the last 2 days we have built 3 house, handed out 200 bags of food, built a wall and  dug trenches at the clinic. 
  The first house was built yesterday along a very isolated mountainside in the rain which made for a very muddy walk up the mountain.  Most of us on the house were first timers and Floridians (Flat landers) so at least for me walking was treacherous task for the day.  The house went up great with Nick leading the house build.   This house was built “In memory of Lucky Smith”
   House 2 and 3 went up in Gods Glorious sunshine.  Our theme this trip is “Radical”  Challenging us to reach out and go beyond our comfort zone.  We were radical today with these 2 houses. Starting with God placing us in what most of us would think of as a very Chaotic place.  Much different from the sight the day before.  This place is a community of hundreds of people and houses on top of each other, side by side that we had to squeeze through to pass the lumber to the sights.  But in no time there was Order and everything went as plan.  God  is Good