Santa Ana Monday June 18th

It is amazing to think about what we accomplish in the US in a typical day. Take the kids to school, work, groceries one or two days a week, a few classes maybe. Not so in Honduras. So much happens in a single day, it is difficult to understand how it can possibly happen. Today we built a wall with volcano style concrete mixing on the ground to go around the back porch of the clinic. The church uses it for classes and outside clinics are held here at times and it is a beautiful place to pray and meditate. A house was also built and some houses were repaired. Many people spent endless hours on their knees, scraping paint off the floor of the clinic as it has worn down over the last 5 years. The front of the clinic was painted. Medications were organized for the future clinics of the trip and supplies were gathered. VBS was held at the Santa Ana Church with creation as the theme. We visited the children's home and were able to love up on some kids and tour the grounds and contribute to Casa de Esperanza. An hour trip home for dinner, deco and bed. Well... after we passed out all the food that is...and unloaded a container...and

God is good.