At the feet of Jesus

A representation of Jesus looks out  high above the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. People can look up from most anywhere in the city and see something that provides them hope in their hearts. The statue is 65.5 feet tall (statue of liberty is 350 feet tall)  As we sit symbolically at the feet of Jesus we can see lights in the darkness. We can also contemplate what the darkness is hiding as we have been working in some of the poorest communities in Honduras.  As we sit symbolically beneath the feet of Jesus and sing praises to HIM, we know we don't need a statue to praise Him. We feel joy at the hope it provides to the people.

If we are all quiet we can hear dogs barking all over the city and we wonder? If we can hear all the dogs barking from above the city, perhaps they can hear us singing praises to our God and Father. We would like to think God is providing hope to the people through our voices.