We are off on a crazy "courageous" journey. (joshua 1:9)
Jose Cano, Meagan Castleberry, gayle davidson, Megan Davidson, Austin Diehl, Cindy Douberly,Maria Enamarado, Jonathon Finlayson, Joshua Halford, Karen Halford, Tim Hines, Andrea Juarez, Laura Marulanda, Rigoberto Mesa, Brad Moser, Thea Moser, Lance Moser, Avery Moser, Aubrey Presnell, Chase Presnell, Marc Presnell, Terri Presnell, Kelsey Puckett, Alex Riggs, Belinda Smelser, Chris Smelser, Craig Smelser

We plan to build 9 houses with house warming boxes, do medical clinics, visit childrens homes, visit the clinic in Santa Ana and children on property, feed as many folks as possible, and be uplifted 
by God's grace.