Thanks to Tim Hines connections, our container is here, it may be the last day but the donations will be put to good use. Wait! Paul Bennetts container arrived as well... We got to unload 2 :) Well it IS better than unloading 5, which was a torch record for one group in one year. Had to be us, right!
 While waiting there were some great pallat jack races around the warehouse. Marc Presnell was in the lead (I think) with Craig Smelser a close second and Cindy Douberly demonstrating the vast superiority of women in the raceplace  and enjoyed Mi Esperanza headquarters where women are trained to support their families.  Personally I was excited to see the things so many people have worked so hard to get to Honduras. Medical supplies, humanitarian aid, food and supplies for the needy. All the hard work pays off after seeing the first smile of a Honduran in need. A big thanks to the courageous spirits of our Torch 2013 team.
The Smelsers work together
Thank you Margaret Wahtera and the Diehls

500 meals to hungry, thanks to Margaret