Santa Ana /Clinica de Esperanza/Casa de EsperanzaCa

alex riggs

craig and belinda
Out in the middle of nowhere in Santa Ana Honduras, people are able to get free health care and medications. A Honduran physician, guard, nurse, and cleaning lady hold the fort. Torch teams from all over the southeast United States, have worked over the years to build sidewalks and make additions to the IRC (InterAmerican Restoration Corporation). This land was purchased by our board in 2005 and now is home to a church, clinic, a childrens home and housing. Thank you to Smelsers (Craig and Belinda worked very hard on the concrete. Alex Riggs, Jonathon Finlayson, Josh Halford, Rigoberto, Maria (our interpreters). Meagan Castleberry, Cindy Douberly. Thank you also to Rene for coming and organizing us to do the job properly. (Thank you Janet!)
josh halford
team work

CASA DE ESPERANZA, WITH THE SERVICE OF KAREN AND DORIAN GUIDO AND OTHERS. Belinda and Craig wanted to put the twins in their backpack.