Thanks to God "Gracia a Dios"

Day 2

Our day took us to a town today that gave you an understanding of contrasts. As we worked, we could see the smoke coming from the dump. When the wind was running in the right direction, you knew you were near a dump. The vultures spent all day flying past us through the valley, circling around near one of the houses and heading back to the dump. Meanwhile we could see food growing for miles around us as apparently, some have learned to care for themselves. This is very encouraging. Have you ever named a town before? There are many cities and towns in America that were named for a specific reason. Usually after a person, the nature of the place, or an event in history. For example, many towns in america were named after presidents, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison, Cleveland.
Lakeland was named because of the many lakes. Melbourne Florida was named after our first postmaster who spent most of his life in Melbourne Australia. Lacombe Louisiana was named after a French Canadian Missionary named Albert Lacombe.

Here in Honduras it is a little different. Good different in my opinion. The town we worked in was named" Gracia a Dio"or "Thanks to God." People with nothing  at the base of the city dump are naming their community and thanking God at the same time. Amazing.

2 houses were built today. One sponsored by the Hawkins in Lakeland, Florida and one In Memory of James Moore from Lakeland Florida.

One of the women getting a home for her family said "I am truly thankful to you and to God for putting that purpose in your heart to come to Honduras and helping us" The words of a uneducated woman in difficult times.
thank you Hawkins!

In memory of James Moore