Volcano stoves delivered



Last year our torch teams built volcano stoves out of bricks. They were great. Very little wood needed and very inexpensive to build. While Tim Hines and Mark Connell and I were in Siquatepeque in January we were introduced to a new type of volcano stove. (ask me to pronounce the name of the city sometime, it is a endless source of mirth to Tim and Mark). 

A missionary friend of ours, Mark Fitz, showed us these. The advantage to these is that even while hot you can touch the side and it will not burn you. A real advantage with lots of children running around. They also come with a large metal plate for cooking tortillas, a smaller metal "oven top" for pots and pans and a tray to pull wood in and out of the square on the bottom for fuel. Another cool advantage is that they are smokeless so can be burned indoors. Tim purchased enough to give each of our homes a stove. They were delivered today to homes. If they weren't so heavy I would bring one home for hurricane season! People were thrilled to receive them and thanked God for our intervention.