A Great Sunday in Honduras/Seeds growing

 New Church Plant in Honduras

Tim Hines is in Honduras preparing to spend the summer assisting and leading Torch trips and was priveleged to attend a church that was planted by the Los Pinos Church of Christ. The Los Pinos church was planted and nurtured several years back. Tim preached there and was involved in the training of the men of the congregation to take on leadership roles. They grew from baby Christians to mature people of God. Torch Missions groups have been very involved in encouraging the church. They have built the buildings, provided medical clinics, and generally enjoyed being with the members there each year.

Sunday, Timoteo Estrada, who is now a leader in the church at Los Pinos, told Tim about a church that they themselves planted called "Altos del Diamante….

There are 12 youth group teens and 8 adults from the Los Pinos Church of Christ that walk 10 kilometers every Saturday and every Sunday and it takes them 2 hours to walk there and 2 hours to walk back. They walk a total of 4 hours in order to evangelize this small community called Alto del Diamonte. They started this church in March of 2014 as a church plant from themselves without any help or assistance or encouragement or support in any way form or fashion they just decided that this community needed to be reached and therefore they would walk to get there. They walk over moutains and a couple of creeks and flowing streams in order to get there. Sometimes they get there and they are soaking wet yet they still go every Saturday and every Sunday. They do church services there since March of 2014. The church attendance is up to 125 people. Not all are believers but that is the amount are coming to services. This past Sunday they baptized 13 people. They are doing very well.

You never know what will happen when you plant a seed. God is good.