Church by Alex Riggs

On Thursday I would say a little more than half of us went to a community to build a church that had been washed away by a storm. After moving tons of lumber for the church, a few of us decided to take a bathroom break. Karen, Belinda and I went into a church members home to use the bathroom. As we walked in the door, we were greeted by a woman holding a baby that did not look so good. The woman went on to tell us that the baby had fallen out of his crib and was now running a fever. Gayle was far away in another town doing a clinic without phone service so we called Tim and asked what to do. He said to give the family 100 limps for a ride to a doctor. The family was really upset and worried about the baby so before we left we prayed over the baby. Later that day we were informed the baby was fine and had been checked out by a physician. Looking back on the situation, i was amazed how God had put us there. If we had not come along then who know what would of happened to the baby. It was God's plan for us to be there in that moment. I didn't expect to see God's prescence in that way but it felt great to be helpful in a time of need like that.
Alex Riggs