Fresh Market, Food give away, Santa Ana, Zoo, Mi Esperanza

Today we got on the bus at 6:45 AM and went to the Fresh market at the collisium. This only happens on Friday afternoon and Saturday. The Honduras people come from the farmlands into the city with produce, something the poor can not afford. We send our torchers in groups in the market with part of the funds that people have donated for food. Each group is given the same amount of money to barter with the people to get the best price for whatever food the group was assigned to shop for. It is fun to watch the torchers negotiate prices, esprcially Josh Halford who has learned some spanish this year. 

Back up the mountain to pack out the food and head to Santa Ana while handing out food along the way, Most if the poor can not afford fresh produce in the city where 2/3 if population resides with a 55% unemployment rate. This is a special treat for them,

Onward for the hour journey to Santa Ana to pick up 23 children from Casa de Esperanza which is in the IRC property with the clinic and church. We fed them and took them to a zoo,  We all had a blast.

After returning to Tegucigalpa we were given a presentation about Mi Esperanza, started with the help of IRC and founders Lori Connell, Janet and Gena Hines around a table in 2002 to help women support their families. 

The devotional by Craig Smelser was about Letting God be in control. After wards members were offered a time to share, and Tim  asked what they saw in the houses that they gave food to today. Austin Burkhart said one house had a bed, some potatoes, a few pieces of meager furniture and a dirt floor. Another house had no furniture and no visable food… until we got there.
All families were given food, a Bible and loads of love.