We arrived in Honduras on a Thursday and only had one big work day before our Saturday trip to the Fresh Market. I think partially because folks weren’t overly tired yet and the group, in general, was excited about new experiences, our entire team went to the Fresh Market! The Fresh Market is a huge open air market with tons of fresh produce. Our Torch team is divided into groups and given money and assignments to purchase. Since we are buying food to give away, we want to get the most for our money, plus there’s always the competition to beat the other groups. Our group was led by Brad Moser, and although he encouraged us all to try our negotiating skills, but Joshua was the only taker, and apparently, he took on the task with gusto. He watched Brad and took in all the advice he was given and followed it to a “t.” His greatest conquest was cabbage. The seller wanted 10 L. (50 cents) per cabbage, and Joshua quickly talked her down to 7 L., but she wasn’t budging so he went into his full court press. He used his most forceful Spanish and universal sign language to insist on 5 L. (25 cents) per cabbage and then walked away. We don’t know whether it was his superb use of dramatic body language, his towering presence or his intimidating fanny pack, but she called us back and sold us the whole lot of cabbages for 5 L. each.